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RANGER EV Features

Industry-Leading Sustainability

The RANGER EV is a Sustainable Option For Your Needs, Delivering Unique Advantages of Electric Power.

close up of the charging port of a ranger ev

Electric Advantage

An exhaust-free machine for operation inside facilities or outdoors. The RANGER EV never needs gas and requires very little maintenance.

man feeding his horses with feed from the cargo box of his polaris ranger ev

Quite and Clean

A powerful machine for operating quietly indoors or cleanly outdoors.

power supply inside the ranger ev electric utv

Power Supply

The strong 30 HP/48V alternating current (AC) power supply offers superior efficiency and range compared with competitors.

precision battery gauge on the polaris ranger ev

Track Your Range

Know at all times the battery life, so you can precisely plan a day’s work.

Industry-Leading Work Performance

The RANGER EV Works Harder Than Any Other Electric Vehicle in Its Class

close up of the rear of a ranger ev with its awd system

True AWD

With the Polaris true AWD advantage, all four wheels engage automatically when your vehicle needs more forward traction and reverts to 2WD when it doesn't. When in 2WD, the VersaTrac Turf Mode switch unlocks the rear differential for easier, and tighter turns.

cargo box on the ranger ev electric utv

Towing and Payload

Now with 1,500 lb towing capacity and standard 2” receiver, RANGER EV allows you to tackle the toughest jobs with confidence. Additionally, a 1,000 lb payload capacity is highlighted by a rear box that can tote up to 500 lb of materials.

closeup of a ranger ev rear cargo box

Lock and Ride

Add four-season versatility to your RANGER with a Lock & Ride Pro-Fit cab system. Designed exclusively with, and for, your machine, Polaris Engineered cab components fit perfectly, install easily, and seal tightly to keep the elements out and you protected.

Industry-Leading Smoothest Ride

The RANGER EV is Engineered to Ensure A Smooth Ride on Every Type of Terrain

close up of the front suspension of a ranger ev

Smooth Suspension

A full 9” of suspension travel in the front and 9” of independent rear suspension travel in the back.

close up of the cockpit of a polaris ranger ev

All Day Comfort

RANGER EV is designed with an ideal seat height combined with wide foot clearance for easy entry and exit. Plus, bench seats are updated and engineered for all-day comfort.

cockpit with adjustable tilt steering in the polaris ranger ev

Adjustable Tilt Steering

Utilize the tilt steering to adjust the position of the steering wheel to help with easy entry and exit from the vehicle.