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RZR PRO XP Features

PRO Performance

Off-road performance to the next level.

Performance Features

RZR PRO XP Pro power

PRO Power

Complete off-road dominance tuned around the 20-50 mph range with the impressive 181-horsepower ProStar engine.

RZR PRO XP Unbeatable suspension

Unbeatable Suspension

An industry-leading, impressive 22" of usable suspension travel on a 64-inch side by side.

RZR PRO XP Dynamix 2.0


Control in challenging terrain is instantaneous with automatic, on-the-fly adjustments, steering wheel controls for mode switching, and improved shocks. You can take corners flatter and ride in greater comfort.

RZR PRO XP Pro chassis

Pro Chassis

Pro XP measures 96-125 inches of stable wheelbase and comes with better agility, including improvements in off-tracking and turning radius. Without a single compromise, it adds straight-line stability, while actually improving agility and versatility.

Visionary Design

Engineered with passengers in mind to enhance any job you're called to.

Improved Design Features

RZR PRO XP Driver centric

Driver Centric

The driver-centric cockpit design sits you lower in the chassis in brand new 4-way sport seats, secured by 6-point retractable harnesses, while the industry’s first telescopic and tilt adjusting flat-bottom steering wheel extends out with ergonomic perfection for ideal control and infinite adjustability.

RZR PRO XP LED Illumination

LED Illumination

The lighting package includes new LED headlights, running lights, and new high-visibility LED taillights that greatly enhances visibility and illuminates the night.

RZR PRO XP Leading storage

Leading Storage

More storage than you're used to with added dash storage, a bigger glove box, and a latching center console to add even more functional capability for bringing your things along for the job.

Brute Strength

Stronger and more robust in every aspect that you need.

Strength Features

RZR PRO XP Tested Tough

Tested Tough

Reinforced and made to be the toughest yet with tens-of-thousands of test miles logged, the PRO XP is stronger where it matters most, so you can count on it when you need it.


Longer Belt Life

A clutch design featuring an open-cut system combined with a faster-spinning driven clutch brings far greater air flow to internal components and sheaves, resulting in greater cooling and twice the belt life.

RZR PRO XP Strongest Drivetrain

Strongest Drivetrain

Equipped with the strongest drivetrain that we have ever created, PRO XP features 8X stronger axles, a stronger transmission, and 3X stronger front drive.

RZR PRO XP Rigid Frame

Rigid Frame

The incredibly strong drivetrain is fitted to the strongest chassis that we have ever produced, now a one-piece frame with no bolts.