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Sourcewell Cooperative Agreement Program

Click here to view this information in PDF form.

Polaris is offering the following reimbursement program for ORV units sold to Sourcewell (formerly NJPA) members. This is an optional program that provides dealers the opportunity to solicit business from Sourcewell member government agencies, educational institutions (K-12 and higher ed) or non-profit organizations requiring the use of a competitive solicitation and contract process. This program should only be used if the product sold is under Sourcewell contract #051717 PSI. If the customer is unable or ineligible to join Sourcewell, the ORV Government/Community/Fleet discount program may be used where applicable.

Prospective (eligible) customers who would like to join Sourcewell may do so for no charge and no obligation by visiting

Membership ID numbers (required to complete this transaction) are typically issued within 24 to 48 hours of application.

If the dealer conforms to the terms and conditions of the Sourcewell Contract, then the dealer will be reimbursed by Polaris to bring total dealer margin (including holdback) to 11 percent of the Sourcewell price on the Whole Goods transaction.

Requirements and Restrictions

  • If product is sold using the Sourcewell Contract, this program must be used in its entirety to assure the Public Agency (customer) meets all its competitive bid requirements. If your Sourcewell member customer is audited and records of the transaction cannot be tracked by Sourcewell (Polaris submits quarterly transaction reports to Sourcewell), your customer may not be in compliance.
  • The sale requires a pre-approved official quote from Polaris. This official quote assures that all terms and conditions meet the requirements of the Sourcewell contract.
  • If accessories are part of the winning quote, dealer will charge Sourcewell customer at contractual installation times (as shown on the official quote) at a rate of $100/hr.
  • Dealer reimbursement is paid to dealer based on their efforts to find and win the public agency solicitation. It is calculated based on the Sourcewell negotiated prices as detailed on the official quote sent to the dealer by Polaris.
  • Units are eligible for holdback but not eligible for retail sales incentives, consumer financing, salesman spiffs, retail rewards or rebates.
  • ORV Whole Goods sold under this program carry a one-year limited warranty.
  • Units must be warranty registered by dealer in the Sourcewell member’s name. 
  • Units on floor plan must be paid in full before dealer reimbursement is paid.

Required Sourcewell Terms and Conditions

  • Delivery within 60 days of quote acceptance
  • May be purchased with a PO giving 30-day terms (NET 30)
  • Prices are FOB Destination (lower 48 states), meaning product should be delivered to customer (extra charges will show on quote for shipments to Hawaii or Alaska)

Participation Process

During the Sale
After determining the Sourcewell member customer’s vehicle/accessory needs, obtain Sourcewell (NJPA) pricing by visiting the DEX site. On the left menu titled News, Forms and Links, navigate to Government Sales to access the quote form.

Upon completion of this form, email the quote form to If additional fees are required, this must be indicated as open market on this form. Polaris will then provide you with the official quote required by the Sourcewell member to complete the transaction.

After the Dealer Receives Notification of Award
After the unit has been sold under the Sourcewell contract and warranty registered, Polaris requires the following four forms be sent to to process reimbursement:

  • ORV Sourcewell Reimbursement Form (linked to at the bottom of this document)
  • Final Sourcewell Official Quote received from Polaris
  • Copy of Purchase Order from customer showing Sourcewell member # and final pricing (required by Sourcewell) – in lieu of a PO, dealer may submit official quote signed/dated by the end user.
  • Copy of the warranty registration

Submit these four forms to Polaris by mail at:
Polaris Industries
Attention: Government Sales Dept.
2100 Highway 55
Medina, MN 55340

Or email scanned copies to

Click here to download a Polaris ORV Sourcewell Reimbursement Form.

Submit the reimbursement form to receive your reimbursement for all ORV business sold using the Sourcewell Contract # 051717-PSI. The form must be submitted within 15 days of delivery of product to the Sourcewell member customer.