About Polaris Defense

Right On Target

To Protect Our Troops Around The Globe

Built With A Purpose Driven to Succeed



In the spring of 2016 Polaris Defense announced the addition of the MRZR Turbo Diesel to its lineup.  Designed to match the performance of the original MRZR vehicles, the Turbo Diesel included several tactical adjustments as well as increased auxiliary power and range.  



The DAGOR ultra-light combat vehicle is designed and debuted by Polaris Defense to fill a gap in the light mobility portfolio for forces worldwide. The vehicle would begin production and distribution to U.S. forces soon after, and was awarded its first international contract to an allied government in 2015.


Setting The Standard

In 2011-2012, Polaris Defense launches the next generation of ATV and LT-ATV's to meet the demanding needs of U.S. and international special operations, expeditionary and light infantry forces. Polaris is awarded several contracts from the US and other allied governments for the MRZR (LT-ATV) and MV850 (ATV) vehicles.


Establishing Our Presence

Polaris Defense steadily develops a range of vehicles to serve the US and allied forces including the MVRS, MV700, and RZR-SW to meet the increasing demand for light off-road mobility platforms.


Fielded And Founded

The extensive success of Polaris vehicles in theater leads to the official founding of Polaris Defense in 2005, as a way for our company to better serve the needs of our nation’s government and armed forces.


A New Era

Throughout the 1980’s and 90’s, the United States military’s rising demand for Polaris off-road vehicles leads to Polaris being the first ATV OEM to produce militarized vehicles for SOCOM and the United States Army.

Home Grown

Designed, Engineered and Assembled in the American Midwest

Cutting Edge Technology

Backed by the infrastructure and resources of a recognized global leader in the off-road vehicle industry, Polaris Defense employs some of the best designers, engineers and manufacturers to continue to provide breakthrough technology for military and government use.

Supporting Our Troops

Polaris Defense is a quick and responsive vendor with an established international support system. We do more than just make the vehicle; we directly support it, warrant it, and guarantee it.

Around The Globe

Polaris Defense continues to work closely with the United States and Allied forces, with Defense products operational in over 100 countries across 7 continents.