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Featured Vehicle and Kit Packages
Choose among our featured models below, specially packaged for different operations. 
Ranger Crew XP 1000 EPS NorthStar HVAC Edition All Weather Fire-Fighting Rescue Kit
RANGER CREW® XP 1000 EPS HVAC Edition All Weather Fire-fighting & Rescue Package

Be prepared for fire-fighting or rescue operations in all climates with this 6 person heat and A/C option. Start with the fully cabbed RANGER CREW XP 1000 EPS HVAC model which comes standard with heat, A/C, and seating for 6, then add fire-fighting and rescue combo kit, deluxe emergency light kit, premium emergency light bar, siren and PA system, all trail tires, and of course custom graphics.

Ranger XP 900 Basic Patrol Kit
Polaris GENERAL® 1000 EPS Stored Energy CAFS Package

Quickly respond with the agile Polaris GENERAL CAFS package. Start with the Polaris GENERAL 1000 EPS model and add the stored energy CAFS kit, custom graphics, roof, winch, and more.

Ranger XP 1000 Basic Patrol Kit
RANGER XP® 1000 EPS Remote Fire-fighting Package

This Polaris package provides remote fire-fighting capability. Start with the proven RANGER XP 1000 EPS model that comes standard with power steering and add custom graphics, fire-fighting kit, front rack storage, scene lighting, and more.

Ranger XP 1000 Basic Patrol Kit
RANGER XP® 1000 EPS Remote Rescue Package

This Polaris package provides remote rescue capability. Start with the proven RANGER XP 1000 EPS model that comes standard with power steering and add custom graphics, rescue kit with stokes basket, emergency lighting, siren and PA system, and more.

Dedicated to Fire-Fighting & Rescue
Polaris offers the most complete line of Fire-fighting and Rescue equipment for side by sides of any off-road manufacturer. These industry leading vehicles paired with this professional equipment help improve response time and reach to areas where trucks or helicopters cannot operate. Polaris vehicles add capability to the fleet, and are cost effective to buy, operate, and maintain compared to traditional vehicles.
Polaris® Fire-Fighting Kits
Quickly respond to remote areas to eliminate threats with these professionally designed kits designed by RKO Enterprises. This solution provides true, and trusted off-road fire-fighting capability when paired with the industry leading RANGER®.
  • 56 gallon Copoly water tank / 3 gallon Class ‘A’ Foam Cell
  • Capable of drafting up to 19' vertically
  • Quick Quench Foam System
  • Professional Fire Pump, Stainless Steel Piping
  • Hannay hose reel 70' of 3/4" Goodyear Booster hose with TFT 1024 forestry nozzle
  • Electric primer (on top mounted system)
  • 1.5" suction, 1.5"" aux. suction, and 1.5" rear discharge
  • 1" rear discharge and recirc fill to hose reel
Polaris® Rescue and Fire & Rescue Combo Kits
Our fire-fighting and rescue combo kits mount in the bed of the RANGER® models to provide professional, highly mobile emergency response capability.
  • Full size stokes basket (also comes in compactable option)
  • Attendant seat and seat belt on rescue kits
  • Fire & Rescue combo kits include stokes basket + fire-fighting equipment similar to other Polaris® fire-fighting kits for dual capability
Polaris® Emergency Lights + Siren & PA System
Our emergency light kits provide professional lighting and controls seamlessly integrated onto this nimble RANGER® vehicle. We also offer emergency vehicle grade siren and public address systems.
  • Standard or Deluxe Packages with optional premium roof light bar
  • Emergency response mode (alternating red/blue)
  • Traditional headlight and brakelight flashers
  • Professionally up-fit by emergency vehicle experts
  • Emergency vehicle grade siren and public address system offered in a 30W and 100W options
Polaris® Fire Fighting and Rescue Graphics and Plastics
Add a custom Fire Fighting or Rescue graphics and plastics package to ensure your vehicle is recognized as an official government vehicle.
  • Fire Fighting or Rescue Decal package
  • “Fire Fighting” or “Rescue” on hood and side fenders on each side
  • Thin red line box decal
  • U.S. flag on each side
  • Generic Fire Fighting or Rescue badge on the hood and side doors (if cabbed)
  • Custom graphics package includes department badge on hood and door (if cabbed)
  • Red fire-fighting and rescue body panels available
Customize to your organization's needs
Customize your vehicle even further with popular Polaris Engineered™ accessories to ensure it's perfect for your organization's needs.
  • Roofs, windshields, and full cabs
  • Heat and AC options
  • Racks and storage
  • Brushguards and winches
  • On and off-road tire and wheel options