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Sportsman 570

The Best-Selling Sportsman of All Time.

Key Features

Sportsman 570 Performance


Take on any terrain with the powerful, purpose-built 44 HP ProStar Engine, Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI), and True On-Demand AWD. Engine Braking System (EBS) with Active Descent Control available on the X2.

Sportsman 570 Suspension


Navigate the tightest corners and conquer the toughest terrain with independent rear suspension and an industry-best 9.5" of suspension travel paired with 11" of ground clearance.

Sportsman 570 Haul More

Haul More

Handle any task in confidence with a factory-installed receiver hitch and up to 1,225 lb in towing capacity. Get up to 705 lb payload capacity and up to a combined 490 lb front and rear rack capacity.

Sportsman 570 Versatility


Ride nimbly with confidence on the 570 or bring help along with an integrated passenger seat system for 2-Up versatility on the Touring or X2 models. Take what you need with you in the industry-leading 8 gallons of on-board storage.

Sportsman 570 Durability


Reliably engineered with half shaft drive axles designed to increase strength and durability, steel-framed Lock & Ride racks and a vinyl seat for all-weather conditions.

Sportsman 570 Third Headlight

Third Headlight

The factory-installed third headlight allows you to ride longer and later to accomplish any mission.


HD 3,500 lb Winch

HD 3,500 lb Winch

Connects directly to your Polaris ATV wire harness, making installation fast and easy. Features a fully sealed motor.

Sportsman 850  Glacier Pro HD

GlacierĀ® PRO HD 52" Steel Plow Blade System

This sturdy plow is made of steel and has a large blade, measuring 17" in height.

Sportsman 850 Pro Lock & Ride® Steel ATV Plow Frame

Glacier Pro Lock & Ride Steel ATV Plow Frame

The Glacier Pro's smart and efficient design allows for the use of taller blades and helps make the plow more maneuverable.

Sportsman 850 25 gal. Capacity Rear Cargo Box

25 gal. Capacity Rear Cargo Box

The box mounts securely to the rear rack with 4 Lock & Ride expansion anchors. The exterior is made from durable high-density plastic.

Sportsman 850 Series Steel Front Bumper

Steel Front Brushguard with Lighting Mounts

This gloss black brushguard is made from sturdy, tubular steel to withstand rocks, branches, and immovable objects.

Sportsman 570 Steel Rear Bumper

Steel Rear Brushguard

The Polaris rear brushguard comes with a glossy black finish that withstands brush, sticks, rocks, and light bumps into solid objects.

 For More Accessory Options


Sportsman 570 Specs







Engine Type


4-Stroke DOHC Single Cylinder


Front/Rear Rack Capacity


90 lb / 180-400 lb (41 kg / 82-180 kg)


Payload Capacity


485-705 lb (220-320 kg)


Towing Capacity


1,225-1,500 lb (555.7-680.4 kg)


Fuel Capacity


4.5-6.75 gal (17-25.5 L)


Hitch Receiver


Standard 1.25 in (3.2 cm) Receiver

Smooth Ride


Front Suspension


Standard 1.25 in (3.2 cm) Receiver


Rear Suspension


Dual A-Arm, IRS 9.5 in (24.1 cm) Travel


Ground Clearance


11 in (29 cm)


Person Capacity



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