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Hardest working performance, legendary ride and handling, and unstoppable towing and load capacity for government and military use.

Why Choose Sportsman?

There‚Äôs a reason Sportsman is home to the top selling automatic 4x4 ATV of all time. Unbeatable performance. Legendary ride and handling. Best-in-class value.

Hardest Working Performance

Sportsman delivers the powerful engine and reliable performance you need to reach hard-to-access areas and get the job done right.

Legendary Ride and Handling

Navigate the most challenging terrain with legendary independent rear suspension, obstacle dominating ground clearance, and industry-leading handling.

Towing and Load Capacity

Get more done and confidently tackle the biggest jobs. Massive towing and payload capacity, utility rack system, and integrated storage to haul your gear.

Durability and Value

Sportsman ATVs are durable, reliable, and built to last. With steel-framed racks, strengthened half shaft drive axles, and EFI for reliable cold start.

A Sportsman for Every Job

We offer a full lineup of fully automatic 4x4 Sportsman ATVs for a variety of challenging government and military applications in hard-to-reach areas.

Polaris Government & Defense Applications

Polaris Government & Defense offers world-class mobility for a wide range of government and military applications. Our vehicles deliver performance and reliability that matches your organization's mission-driven demands. Find the right vehicle for you.