Power, Suspension, and Agility for Any Terrain

RZR® is the ultimate off-road machine, delivering unmatched power, suspension, and agility to get the job done in the most challenging terrain.

Why Choose RZR®?

RZR® is the perfect choice for government and military use when you need to work in challenging terrain or get to hard-to-reach areas. 

Optimized Comfort

Pure Off-Road Power

RZR® engines are purpose built to deliver maximum performance, power, and torque, ensuring your team gets where they need to be as efficiently as possible.

Industry Exclusive Suspension

Industry Exclusive Suspension

Our standard-setting suspension, wheel travel, and ground clearance deliver a near bottomless feel over the most challenging terrain. 
Unmatched Agility

Unmatched Agility

RZR® offers the fastest engaging AWD in the industry for agile handling, and superior sightlines so you can see and react to the terrain around you.
Customizable for Your Needs

Optimized Comfort

The comfortable and convenient interior is designed for all day riding. Adjustable seat sliders, optimized seat angle, integrated storage, and RIDE COMMAND™ off-road digital display systems. 

A RZR® for Every Job

RZR® offers a full lineup of 2- and 4-seat models to haul essential gear and transport people to hard-to-reach areas.


How can your organization best utilize RZR®? Explore this Uses section to learn how our customers continue to use RZR® for the following applications.