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Government & Defense Applications

Mobility Made Easy for Every Application

Polaris Government & Defense offers world-class mobility for a wide range of government and military applications. Our vehicles deliver performance and reliability that matches your organization's mission-driven demands. Find the right vehicle for you. 


Our air-transportable, deployable, highly mobile DAGOR, MRZR Diesel, MRZR Alpha, and Sportsman MV850 vehicles are the preferred choice for U.S. and allied forces in ultra-light tactical missions around the world. Our Pro XD and RANGER vehicles also deliver industry leading utility for base operations at home and abroad.


We offer a full lineup of versatile, reliable off-road vehicles for trail and park patrol, wildlife management, emergency response, maintenance, environmental research and more.


Give your emergency personnel and first responders the vehicles they need to respond to fires, disasters, and emergencies quickly and effectively, particularly in hard-to-reach areas.


Our lineup of versatile off-road vehicles are effective for security, patrol, special events, parking enforcement, personnel transport, customs and border patrol, disaster relief and first response.


Polaris utility off-road vehicles will give your personnel the tools they need to get the job done right, every time. Ideal for maintenance, plowing, transport, hauling and towing.