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World-Class Ultra-Light Tactical Vehicles

With our full lineup of air-transportable, deployable, highly mobile off-road vehicles, Polaris is the trusted choice for U.S. and allied forces on bases and in ultra-light tactical missions around the world. We also offer hard working side-by-sides for on-base utility.

Polaris Vehicle Uses

Polaris vehicles are the ideal off-road machines for a variety of Military uses.

Tactical & Combat Missions

Tactical & Combat Missions

Rapid Personnel Deployment, Command and Control, Casualty Evacuation, Supply Transport Missions, Night Missions

Security & Patrol

Security & Patrol

Range Support, Flight Line Use, Perimeter Patrol, Law Enforcement

Search & Rescue

Search & Rescue

First Response, Emergency Response, Personnel and Equipment Transport, Disaster Relief

Operations & Maintenance

Operations & Maintenance

Personnel and Equipment Transport, Flight Line Support, Fleet Service and Maintenance, Vehicle Recovery, Equipment Towing

Polaris Military snowmobiles and MRZR alpha vehicles for arctic mobility.

Arctic Mobility:

Tackle The Toughest Terrain

When executing missions, patrols, and expeditions in cold environments, users must operate effectively in frigid temps and treacherous conditions. Expand your reach with unprecedented performance and versatility of Polaris’ Arctic mobility vehicle options: MRZR Alpha with Cold Weather Accessories and Military Snowmobiles.

Featured Military Vehicles

These vehicles deliver the mobility, versatility and capability your personnel need in military operations, from tactical missions to base support.

MRZR Alpha

The next-generation light tactical off-road vehicle specially designed with revolutionary new capability. Delivering an all new, more durable chassis, high performance 8-speed transmission, high clearance front and rear dual A-Arm suspension, and increased payload. Expanded exportable power and near-future innovation enhance versatility for any mission.

MRZR Diesel

The MRZR Diesel is an ultra-light tactical off-road vehicle. Delivering proven and trusted mobility, air-transportability, mission versatility and durability to quickly and effectively transport personnel and mission-critical gear over the most extreme terrain.


The ultra-light DAGOR A1 delivers world-class off-road mobility at full payload, including capacity for 9 soldiers and their gear plus air-transportability, versatility and ease of maintenance for the modern soldier. Field-tested, proven and trusted by the U.S. Army, U.S. Special Forces and our allies.


This rugged, nimble, single rider ATV is engineered to carry up to 850 lb of military grade payload through the most extreme off-road terrain. Delivering off-road capability, durability and tactical features developed with feedback from operators around the world.