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Leveraging best in-class global manufacturing and engineering capabilities of Polaris Inc. to deliver ingenuity, unmatched performance, and purpose-based solutions. Our vehicles are designed with exceptional mobility, versatility and reliability for government organizations, the U.S. Military, and Allies around the world.

The Process

The Assembly Line

Final vehicle assembly is performed on an advanced manufacturing line operated by highly experienced personnel. Each vehicle frame is mounted onto a moving carrier that travels to designated workstations, where assembly and quality inspection processes are completed based on VIN.  Polaris manufacturing lines use detailed visual work instructions (VWIs), DC Torque tools, 3D scanners, automated fluid fill, electronic end of line “rolling road” and numerous other tools that provide our military and government customers with a detailed record of each vehicle manufactured.  Quality inspections are also recorded by VIN and maintained in the manufacturing record for each vehicle produced. Final assembly for the new MRZR Alpha is completed on Polaris’ new, dedicated defense manufacturing line in Roseau, Minn. 

assembly line manufacturing process at polaris roseau

The Finished Product

soldiers patrolling with polaris mrzr tactical vehicles
2 soldiers patrolling in a military green polaris mrzr tactical vehicle

A Global Company

Polaris Government and Defense vehicles are designed, engineered, and assembled in the American Midwest, ensuring that we deliver the highest quality vehicles to our trusted partners worldwide and serving as a global leader.