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The Hardest Working, Smoothest Riding Utility Side-by-Side

RANGER® has been the #1 trusted utility side-by-side for government and military use for 10 years straight. Hardest working towing and payload capacity. Smoothest riding suspension for all day comfort.
Why Choose RANGER®?
RANGER is the hardest working, smoothest riding utility side-by-side on the market, delivering the power, comfort, and versatility you need to get the job done right.
hardest working power
Hardest Working Power
Purpose designed, built, and tuned engines for the ultimate combination of power, efficiency, and ease of maintenance.
massive towing and payload
Massive Towing and Payload
The massive towing, payload, and storage capacity you need to take on the biggest jobs with full confidence.
Smoothest Riding Comfort
Smoothest Riding Comfort
Industry-leading suspension and ground clearance to keep the ride smooth on all terrain. Refined cab for all day working comfort.
Customizable for Your Needs
Customizable for Your Needs
Over 1,400 Lock & Ride® Pro Fit Cab Configurations and a full line of specially engineered accessories to work harder and go farther in any condition.
A RANGER for Every Job
RANGER delivers a complete lineup of off-road utility vehicles for every government and military application, including park management, law enforcement, fire-fighting, military base operations, and more.
How can your organization best utilize RANGER? Explore this Uses section to learn how our customers continue to use RANGER for the following applications. delivering legendary performance, quality, and value, plus refined cab comfort with best-in-class power and towing.