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Fire & Rescue

Elite Fire & Rescue Vehicles

Polaris® off-road vehicles deliver the hardest-working performance and rugged capability your team needs to quickly and effectively respond to both emergency and controlled situations in harsh terrains and environments.

Polaris Vehicle Uses

Polaris vehicles are the ideal off-road machines for a variety of Fire & Rescue uses. 

Fire Prevention
Fire Prevention

Fire Watch, Fire Prevention, Fire Break Maintenance and Upkeep, Control Burn

Fire Response
Fire Response

Wildland Firefighting, Urban and Rural Firefighting (Restricted Access), Personnel and Equipment Transport

Search & Rescue
Search & Rescue

First Response, Emergency Services, Environmental Hazards, Airborne Rescue, Personnel and Equipment Transport

Disaster Relief
Disaster Relief

Environmental Cleanup, Environmental Restoration, Personnel and Equipment Transport

Fire & Rescue Kits
Polaris® offers the most complete line up of Fire & Rescue equipment for side by sides.
Featured Fire & Rescue Vehicles

These proven off-road vehicles deliver the utility and agility you need to quickly and reliably respond in Fire & Rescue situations.

RANGER Crew® XP 900

The hardest-working performance you expect from the RANGER® XP 900, with room for up to 6 to transport essential personnel and gear to hard-to-reach areas. Competition-beating true on-demand all-wheel drive, 1,000 lb dumping cargo box, and 2,000 lb towing, this RANGER provides the utility and off-road mobility fire and rescue situations demand. 


The off-road mobility of a RZR®, the hardest-working utility of a RANGER, and comfort and convenience for 4 to transport personnel over rugged terrain. Ensure your team has the most capable off-road vehicle to take on any situation with RZR inspired suspension, 600 lb dumping cargo box, and 1,500 lb towing capacity.


The RANGER XP 900 is the best-selling utility side-by-side in the industry, delivering all the hardest-working performance, smoothest-riding comfort, and specially engineered versatility your team needs to get to hard-to-reach areas, take on any job with 1,000 lb dumping cargo box and 2,000 lb towing, and effectively respond to any situation.

RZR® RZR XP 1000

The RZR XP 1000 is the ultimate off-road machine when your Fire & Rescue team needs to quickly respond in challenging terrain or hard-to-reach areas. Delivering 110 HP, standard-setting suspension, and best-in-class agility along with a 300 lb cargo box.  

Polaris® PRO XD

The ultra-productive Polaris® PRO XD™ is the industry-leading utility vehicle and is built on three key principles: safety, durability and serviceability. Providing diesel or gas power for any government needs.