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RANGER XP 1000 Kinetic Premium Electric Parking Enforcement Package

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This package includes the all-electric RANGER XP 1000 Kinetic.

Accessories included:

Poly 3-Seat Sport Roof with Lock & Ride Technology, Black

Lightweight rigid plastic construction for longer-lasting performance. Lock & Ride Technology for tool free installation, removal and cleaning.

Full Glass Windshield, Clear

The durable automotive glass and perfectly sealed design ensures superior clarity and toughness while shielding you from the elements, making for a vastly more comfortable ride. The windshield is easy to remove when not needed.

Windshield Wiper & Washer System

Maintain full visibility with the touch of a dash mounted toggle, wiping away rain or debris. The included washer kit powers through tough dirt for a safer ride in the toughest conditions.

Lock & Ride Rear Panel-Glass

Install a Polaris Lock & Ride Glass Rear Panel to not only seal out the elements such as dust swirl, rain and snow; but it also dramatically reduces unwanted cab noise.

Manual Crank Window Doors- Poly

Complete your cab enclosure with the perfectly-fitting Crank Window Doors. Engineered with automotive-quality style, this Polaris RANGER door system turns your cab into a quiet and comfortable complete package. These RANGER doors fit perfectly into the ROPs with predesignated mounting locations and provide quick on & off removal after initial installation. The manual utv doors feature a sure-closing, tight sealing 360° gasket seal at the ROPs, and the glass windows can be adjusted infinitely with the crank. With rear hinging, getting in and out of your cab has never been easier.

In-Cab Heater and Defrost Kit

Get the climate-controlled temperature you want with the Heater Kit. Avoid hazardous windshield conditions such as frost or condensation by utilizing multiple air ducts positioned below the windshield. Three different fan speeds keep air flowing throughout the cab, in any season, and all vents can be manually opened or closed to direct airflow to the places that need it. The control switch is conveniently located on the dash for quick access.

High Voltage Busbar

Do more than ever before with the new, full-size electric RANGER. Unmatched horsepower and instant torque means more power than ever before to precisely pull, haul more, and get more done. The industry’s strongest drivetrain delivers lower maintenance costs and more uptime to get the job done. Plus, the quiet electric powertrain enables easy conversations while riding and stealthy trips to hunting spots. Further enhance your electric and quiet powertrain with this High Voltage Busbar.

Wide- Angle Rearview Mirror

The wide viewing angle and large 2.5” x 14” convex mirrored surface gives you a full spectrum view, and the rugged stamped steel construction is designed to withstand the rigors of off-road conditions.

Side View Mirrors- Door Mounted

The door-mounted side view mirrors are fully adjustable to accommodate riders of all sizes and can fold in to prevent being struck by trees and the like.

Red/Blue Emergency Lightbar

Blue and Red rugged, high-performance emergency lightbar with modular design.

Pro Armor Preserve Tire

Add this turf-friendly Pro Armor® Preserve tire when you’re in areas where low-impact from tire treads is needed. Designed with a rounded profile and special tread pattern, you’ll limit your footprint on the terrain and enjoy a noticeably quieter ride. Featuring 10-ply construction, it is tough and durable to handle a variety of terrains, especially tough work environments. Ride longer since the Pro Armor® Preserve is rated for 5,000 miles of performance.




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