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GENERAL XP 1000 Standard Crossover Patrol Package

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Confidently respond to any call in challenging terrain with performance, power, and versatility. This package comes standard with the GENERAL XP 1000 and includes emergency lighting for Police and Security work.

This package includes:

Emergency Light Kit with IR and Blackout

Designed for GENERAL XP 1000, this light kit includes a 50-inch tactical lightbar, 35-inch lightbar and integrated emergency lights around the vehicle body to provide a full 360-degree package with different color options. Infrared and blackout light options provide discretion when needed. 100W siren speaker and digital control panel with PA system complete this turn-key solution. PriorityStart, which automatically disconnects the battery when low voltage is detected ensures re-start. Additionally, an on-board plug-in keeps the battery fully charged when not in use to ensure vehicle is ready to respond.

Pro Armor 11" Dual-Row LED Spot Light

Take on the trails with this powerful 4,900 lumen Dual-Row LED Spot Light. The spot beam pattern provides further visibility than your average flood light, allowing you to take on the trails late into the night. The extruded aluminum housing provides great durability and protection for the lights on rougher rides.

Windshield, Vented Poly

Seal out the elements and keep your cab clean and protected with our Full Vented Hard Coat Poly Windshield. Designed to fit perfectly between your vehicle’s ROP’s, forming a 360° seal from debris and the elements. The integrated vents give you the ability to add extra airflow on hot summer days or defrost your windshield on the coldest winter mornings. This windshield is built to keep up with your work, made from lightweight polycarbonate and a scratch-resistant hard coat. Installation and removal are easy with Lock & Ride® technology to save you time. Keep a barrier between your cab and the elements with our Full Vented Hard Coat Poly Windshield.

Rear Panel

Keep the elements and unwanted noise out without limiting your rear view vision. This Lock & Ride Rear Panel - Poly is an affordable option for those looking for a durable and high visibility solution for additional cab enclosure for their Polaris GENERAL. Constructed from durable polycarbonate, the panel is contoured to fit snug with no gaps and features a full 360-degree perimeter gasket for an outstanding seal. When paired with the Lock & Ride windshield, the rear panel reduces wind swirl and dust inside the cockpit. Quick and easy installation and removal with patented Lock & Ride technology.

Review Mirror

Maximize your visibility with this Convex Rear View Mirror. The mirror's durable, weatherproof construction is designed to perform in all off-road riding conditions. Installs easily, the mirror mount bolts into your choice of pre-designated mounting locations on vehicle frame. The mirror attaches to the mount allowing for quick adjustment. Convex design provides broad, expanded view of what's behind or alongside the vehicle. Can be used with all roofs, soft tops and windshields. Scratch-resistant glass mirror lens.




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