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RANGER XP 1000 Standard Patrol Package

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Take on off-road Police and Security duties with this capable and reliable vehicle package including emergency lighting. This package comes standard with the RANGER XP 1000 featuring all-day comfort and top-of-the-line off-road capability. Also available in XP 1000 CREW 6 person cab.

This package includes:

Polaris Standard Emergency Light Kit

Includes 4 emergency lights, seamlessly integrated with 2 in the front and 2 in the back, plus traditional headlight and brakelight flashers. Comes with familiar squad car light controls and PriorityStart, which automatically disconnects the battery when low voltage is detected to ensure re-start. Additionally, an on-board battery charger plug in keeps the battery fully charged when not in use to ensure vehicle is ready to respond.

Custom Police/Sheriff Graphics Kit

The custom graphics kit includes 1 hood badge (customer supplied or generic), "Police, Sheriff, or Fire" on front fenders, Front door badges if applicable, 1 per door (customer supplied or generic), and box side panels (Polaris logo with red or blue line)

Black/White Law Enforcement Body Panels

Customize your department's look with black and white body panels.

Polaris Pro HD 4,500 lb Winch

The incredible pulling power of our Polaris PRO HD 4,500 lb. winch just got a whole lot faster thanks to new Rapid Rope Recovery - new technology that allows you to retrieve excess cable 5-times faster. The winch dial features three settings: FREE SPOOL to attach the winch hook, PULL for winch mode, and RAPID ROPE RECOVERY for faster re-spooling. Auto Stop Technology stops the winch automatically when the collar touches the fairlead saving time and preventing over-spooling. Now with a stylish, Polaris-branded black hook and matching fairlead.

Poly Sport Roof

Lightweight rigid plastic construction for longer-lasting performance. Lock & Ride Technology for tool free installation, removal and cleaning. Integrated mounting options for audio, lights and the Polaris Pulse System.

Rear View Mirror Kit

Enhance your awareness of vehicles or obstacles around and behind your side-by-side by installing this Rear View Mirror. It mounts securely, adjusts easily, and its convex design provides an excellent view of traffic or obstacles behind or alongside your side-by-side. Durable, weatherproof construction, designed to perform in all off-road riding conditions. Can be used with roof, windshield & other accessories.

Windshield, Hard Coat Poly, Vented

This Pro-Shield™Vented Windshield seals out rain, snow and the cold wind with crystal clear vision. With a frameless design, you have maximum visibility and the added vents are located at the bottom of your side-by-side windshield, allowing for adjustable airflow on a hot day or defrost on a cold day. Lock & Ride technology allows you to install it when you need to and remove it when you don’t—quickly and easily. This windshield is carefully engineered to fit perfectly into the ROPs with a 360° gasket seal. The durable, polycarbonate material is strong, yet lightweight, and the hard-coat is scratch resistant.

Rear Panel

An unfinished cab or stand-alone windshield can result in cab swirl, a pesky condition where wind, dust, water spray and other unwelcomed visitors whip around inside the cab of your side-by-side. You could just grin and bear it or you could simply add a rear panel and eliminate the swirl for good. The easy to install and remove Polaris Lock & Ride Rear Panel - Poly is an affordable solution with durable polycarbonate material, good looks and excellent performance.




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