World Class Mobility
with Dynamic Payloads


The DAGOR was specifically designed for light infantry, expeditionary and special operations forces. It is easily transported by air and carries enough payload to be mission effective. By traversing more concealed and unpredictable routes over terrain usually traveled by foot, the DAGOR allows Warfighters to move quickly to the objective with mission-critical equipment. The DAGOR is supported with a COTS supply chain making it easy to use and maintain anywhere in the world.


TRANSPORTABLE, AGILE, MOBILITY.   The turbo-charged diesel  MRZR D4 and the new MRZR D2 has been engineered to deliver the same great MRZR performance our users expect, now with a diesel/JP8 fuel capability. In addition to several feature and vehicle improvements designed to increase vehicle durability and operator usability . The MRZR-D4 and MRZR-D2 both come with an integrated alternator that provides ample power supply for necessary auxillary equipment.         


UNMATCHED OFF-ROAD MOBILITY.  The ATV that redefined an entire industry, with a long list of innovations, copied by many, but duplicated by none.  Discover why Sportsman® is known the world over as the Hardest Working, Smoothest Riding line of ATVs in the industry.