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GENERAL XP 1000 Features

Versatility for Work

No side-by-side is more versatile to get you and your gear anywhere you need to be, when you need to be there.

Dumping Cargo Box

A 600-lb dumping cargo box gives you the versatility to haul and unload what you need to tackle any job.

Lock & Ride System

Our Polaris Engineered Lock & Ride system makes installation of accessories quick and easy.

All-new Winch

The all-new Polaris HD Plus 4,500-lb winch with fairlead and upgraded synthetic rope will help you get out of tough situations and back on the trail.

Off-Road Clearance

Reach remote areas that require a versatile vehicle with the ability to clear almost any obstacle on unpredictable terrain with a 13.5" ground clearance.

Performance Where it Matters

The ability to work hard on a performance-inspired chassis, with the power and towing capacity you need.

64" Wide Stance

The widest stance in the Sport-Utility market keeps you planted and stable on the toughest terrain you'll encounter on any job.

100 HP

GENERAL delivers all the power you need, no matter where you need to go.

30" Tires

15" aluminum wheels and class-leading 30" 8-ply off-road tires give you sure-footed traction and max strength so you can confidently take-on even the roughest terrain.

Towing Ability

With 1,500 lb of towing capacity, you can hook up your trailer to haul all of your equipment and essentials.

Long-Haul Comfort

No need to compromise all-day comfort for performance with GENERAL.

Premium Interior

Curved half-doors provide ample space for occupants, with premium bucket seat support.

Walker Evans Velocity Series Shocks

High-performance coilover delivers comfort and improved control in rough terrain. The internal bypass design provides higher resistance to bottoming out and a smoother ride.

Poly Sport Roof and Half-Doors

Stay protected from the elements with our Poly Sport Roof and half-doors.

Factory-Installed RIDE COMMAND

Industry-leading connectedness on some GENERAL models. A 7" touchscreen display with vehicle diagnostics, Bluetooth, cameras and GPS will increase safety and responsiveness.