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Free Grant Assistance Available For Crucial Utility Vehicles

More than $600 billion in nationwide grants is available to public safety agencies and local government each year, and even more has been freed up for COVID-19 response. Navigating the public grant process, however, can be complex and confusing, especially for first-time applicants.


As critical equipment, side-by-side and utility vehicles are available through these grants, and Polaris Government and Defense remains open as an essential supplier of UTVs. UTVs are used for urban and off-road patrol, search and rescue, movement of key public safety, medical and other personnel, distribution of food, water, ice, medicine and other supplies, including personal protective equipment (PPE).


Polaris recently expanded customer support services through a partnership that provides free and unlimited grant assistance from industry professionals. Grant experts will guide each customer throughout the process from research and application to narrative review, for the vehicles they need. Grant assistance is available for Law Enforcement, Fire and Rescue, EMS, and Government.

“Polaris is dedicated to public safety and government organizations and this unprecedented situation doesn’t change that – our sales and support lines remain open and we are making a significant allotment of Polaris’ national UTV inventory immediately available to ensure you have the vehicle solutions you need,” said Jed Leonard, vice president, Polaris Government and Defense.


Polaris RANGER and Pro XD utility vehicles augment current vehicle fleets and maximize productivity. These vehicles are highly maneuverable and can access locations – both urban and off-road, where cars, trucks or vans cannot operate. They also are a budget-friendly alternative to full-size vehicles, as are the maintenance, parts, and repair costs. Yet they retain significant capability with up to 1,250-lb cargo bed capacity and 2,500-lb towing capacity.


Specialized application packages allow for law enforcement, fire, rescue, ground maintenance, delivery, technician, maintenance, shuttle and repair. Accessories are also available with priority shipping to government customers, including heat, A/C, roof, windshield and specialized medical skid with stokes basket.


For more information, visit, email or call 1-866-468-7783.