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Pro XD Features

Industry-Leading Durability

The Pro XD was designed with heavy-duty components to provide industry-leading durability.

Industry-Recommended Power

Kubota® 24-Horsepower Diesel engine.

Towing and Payload

Industry-leading up to 2,075 pounds payload.

Driveline Components

Heavy-duty drive shaft, CVT boots and wheel bearings increase life expectancy.

Heavy-duty Seats

Kevlar® - backed seats help resist punctures and tears.

Jobsite Tires

8-ply jobsite tires designed for longer life on hard-packed surfaces.

Heavy-duty Poly Bed

Rust-free, dent-resistant bed with a 1,250-pound capacity.

Industry-Leading Serviceabiliy

The Pro XD has multiple industry-leading features to improve serviceability

Warning Alarms

Vehicle fault alarms to notify users of potential issues that could cause serious damage to the vehicle. Alarms include low oil pressure, parking brake engagement, belt slip, and engine overheat.

Easy Access to Oil Dipstick and Air Filter

Easily conduct maintenance checks without having to raise the cargo bed.

Maintenance Intervals

The Pro XD provides the industry's longest certified maintenance intervals of up to 200 hours for less in-field maintenance.

Front Air Intake

Improved air filter life and consistent engine performance.

Industry-Leading Safety Features

With safety being top priority, the Pro XD delivers industry-leading standard features designed to improve overall safety.

Orange Seatbelts and Decals for High Visibility

Orange seatbelts and vehicle decals improve visibility to the vehicle.

Standard Factory-Installed Accessories

All Pro XD diesel models come standard with a back-up alarm, horn, and a mechanical parking brake.

Speed Limited

The Pro XD is delivered with a top speed of 26 mph, and can also be limited down to 15 mph. 

Tight Sealing Cab

The Pro XD and cab were engineered together to create the tightest seal possible, keeping the weather out.

Kubota® is a registered trademark of Kubota Corporation.

Kevlar® is a registered trademark of DUPONT SAFETY & CONSTRUCTION, INC.