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2022+ RANGER SP 570 Orientation

This video is meant to familiarize the rider with the location of information and components on a RANGER SP 570. Note that some features and accessories shown may not be present on all models and may not represent production vehicles.

This video includes looks at the: 

  • 0:28 Front grille, which can be removed to clean the front of the radiator
  • 0:34 Underhood components (pulse bar, coolant overflow bottle, radiator cap)
  • 0:51 Front suspension (shock assembly, tie rod, CV joints and axle, A-arm, ball joint, brake fluid reservoir, headlight adjustments)
  • 1:16 Side nets
  • 1:24 Under-seat components (storage compartment, battery, diagnostic plug, fuse panel)
  • 1:36 Driver’s seat (upper storage tray, high beam and low beam headlight switch, gauge assembly, mode and navigation buttons, ignition switch, gear selector, lower storage, storage below the seat, steering wheel adjustment lever)
  • 2:06 Center dashboard (upper cupholders, 12-volt auxiliary outlet, USB outlets, all-wheel drive switch, vehicle charging port, another 12-volt auxiliary outlet, middle storage tray, lower cupholders) 
  • 2:39 Right-side dashboard (passenger grab handle, two lower storage trays, storage below the seat and glove box with tool kit)
    • The tool kit contains a T40 TORX® wrench, T30 TORX® wrench, T25 TORX® wrench, clutch spreader tool, multifunction pliers, shock adjustment tool, spark plug wrench and tire pressure gauge.
  • 3:19 Fuel cap and air intake location on the driver’s side of the vehicle
  • 3:35 PVT intake on the passenger side behind the mesh net
  • 3:39 Cargo box tilt latch and components below the cargo box (air box, oil cap, spark plug, dipstick, oil filter)
  • 4:00 Rear suspension (shock assembly, suspension adjustment, A-arm, sway bar link, CV joints, axle, grease zerk on the sway bar mount and prop shaft)
  • 4:28 Rear of the vehicle (spark arrestor, tow hitch)
  • 4:35 Tailgate
  • 4:41 Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) label locations

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