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Rear Winch Operation

The 300-Pound Cargo Bed Rear Winch (part number 2884215) can be installed onto most Polaris RANGER 1000, RANGER XP 1000, RANGER CREW 1000 and RANGER CREW XP 1000 models. Be sure to check vehicle fitment prior to purchase.

The kit includes a winch with mount, strap, wired remote, 15 feet of synthetic rope and a headache rack. It mounts on the rear cab frame (as pictured below) and assists lifting up to 300 pounds into the rear cargo bed. It is a Polaris Pulse-ready accessory.

For more information, view the installation instructions for the kit. Note that Polaris recommends two people install this kit.

Rear Winch

Prior installation of one of the Pulse Roof Busbar (part number 2882904) is also required. The busbar is sold separately.

Winch Operation
Your winch is equipped with two different operating modes as determined by selector level (A) on the left-hand side of the winch. 

To shift between operating modes, relieve all tension from the rope and then flip the selector lever UP or DOWN as required. UP is used to manually extend rope. DOWN is used to recover rope. Note that the lever is in the DOWN position in the below picture.

Do NOT attempt to change the mode setting while the rope is under tension. Failure to comply may result in winch failure, resulting in serious personal injury or death.

Winch mode

Do not exceed a maximum load of 300 lbs. The winch is NOT intended for vehicle recovery. It is ONLY intended to pull items into the vehicle bed.

Operational Check
Use caution when operating. The winch does NOT have an autostop mechanism to prevent hook from retracting through fairlead. The hook must be manually stopped PRIOR to contact with the fairlead. Failure to stop the hook from contacting the fairlead may result in damage to the winch, fairlead or other components.

To perform an operational check: 

1. Plug the wired remote (2) into the wired remote socket 9C.

Remote into socket

2. Turn the ignition switch to the "ACC" position.

3. Relieve all tension from rope, then flip selector lever to UP position.

4. Grasp hook and manually pull rope from spool.

5. Relieve all tension from the rope and then flip the selector lever to the DOWN position.

6. Use the wired remote (2) to operate winch:

  • To extend rope, depress and hold the OUT button.
  • To recover rope, depress and hold the IN button.

Out and in switch

7. Turn the ignition switch to the "OFF" position and remove the key from the switch. 

8. Unplug the wired remote (2) and stow in a secure location.

Warning: Read and follow all labels and warnings in the instructions. Failure to comply may result in accessory failure, death, serious personal injury, or serious damage to vehicle or property.

Read the Winch Guide for more information on safe winch operation.
If you need to replace your synthetic winch rope, follow these instructions.
For more information on your RANGER view your Owner's Manual.
To find a Polaris Dealer near you, use the Dealer Locator.

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