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2020+ RZR Pro XP Ultimate Steering Wheel Controls

RZR Pro XP and Pro XP 4 Ultimate models feature buttons and controls on the steering wheel. 

Left Side Controls
The left side of the steering wheel contains a volume button, play/pause button and a shortcut button you can set. 

RZR Pro XP audio controls

To set the shortcut button, first press the Polaris logo button at the top of the 7" Display powered by RIDE COMMAND. Next press ALL SETTINGS.

settings screen

Select VEHICLE in the bottom-left corner of the screen.

vehicle settings


On this screen, you can select from four functions: Next Screen, Show Map, Drop Waypoint and Seek / Skip Media. Select the Short Press or Long Press options to select a function for the shortcut button. You can choose two functions dependent on whether you quickly press or hold the shortcut button. 

shortcut button settings screen

Right Side Controls
The right side of the steering wheel contains two arrow buttons and a MAX FIRM button. 

DYNAMIX buttons on steering wheel

Pressing one of the arrow buttons will pull up a display of the three suspension options. Hit the up or down arrow button to select your desired suspension. 

toggle through suspension

Pressing the MAX FIRM button will stiffen the suspension to maximum firmness. The vehicle will maintain this setting if the button is continuously pressed. Once the button is released, maximum firmness will persist temporarily and then revert back to the previous setting. 

max firm screen

Read DYNAMIX Semi-Active Suspension Overview for more information on operating DYNAMIX.

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