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Using Group Ride on RIDE COMMAND

Group Ride is a feature of RIDE COMMAND that lets users view the live location of other riders in their group.

There are three ways to use Group Ride: vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) antennas, Bluetooth® tethering via your phone, and the RIDE COMMAND app.

Vehicle-to-Vehicle Antenna (V2V)
V2V comes installed on model year 2020 and newer Polaris Off-Road Vehicles equipped with RIDE COMMAND. V2V will be available as an accessory kit for model year 2019 vehicles equipped with RIDE COMMAND. V2V is not compatible with previous year models. After installing a V2V kit, users must update the software on their touchscreen display and then set up Group Ride.

Cell coverage is not required for V2V and the range is 1-plus miles depending on terrain. 

The V2V kit for RANGER is part number 2884004. More information can be found in the installation instructions.

The V2V kit for RZR and GENERAL is part number 2884449. More information can be found in the installation instructions.

The V2V kit for ATV is part number 4080356

Bluetooth® Tethering
Bluetooth® tethering, available on model year 2019 and newer vehicles, uses your phone’s personal hotspot to connect to Group Ride. Cell coverage is required for tethering. Please check with your carrier to confirm your phone’s tethering capabilities. Range is unlimited as long as you have cell coverage.

To tether your iPhone®:

1. Ensure that your phone has a personal hotspot plan available for use.

2. Turn on your personal hotspot.

3. Connect your phone to the vehicle display.

4. Confirm that the status bar on the top of your phone screen is blue to signify an active tether connection.

To tether your Android® phone:

1. Ensure that your phone has a personal hotspot plan available for use.

2. Turn on your Bluetooth® tether in your phone’s settings.

3. Connect your phone to the vehicle display.

4. Confirm that the notification bar shows an active Bluetooth® tether session.

Group Ride is available on the RIDE COMMAND app even if your vehicle is not equipped with a touchscreen display. 

Cell coverage is required and there is an unlimited range as long as you have cell coverage.

1. To create a Group Ride on the RIDE COMMAND app, select the GROUP RIDE icon from the bottom menu bar.

2. Select CREATE GROUP. 

group ride page

3. On the next page, name your group. You also have the option to require a four-digit entry code for users who want to join your group. Note: This code cannot be changed once it is entered.

name route

When completed, select CREATE. 

4. Once your group is created, your friends can enable Group Ride on their device and will be able to see and join your group.

Click the arrow next to the group ride name to see options to invite friends or remove yourself from the group. Note: To delete a member from the Group Ride, they must remove themselves by selecting LEAVE GROUP on their own phone; You cannot remove a member from your own phone. 

more options   more options

Select CUSTOMIZE YOUR LOOK at the top of the screen to edit your nickname, location color and more. 

customize your look   customize group ride

To turn Group Ride off, toggle the slider next to your ride. Group Ride is off when it says "Not Sharing Location" next to Joined Groups. 

Group Ride on and off switch   group ride off

The RIDE COMMAND app is available for iPhone® and iPad® and on Google Play®.

Using Group Ride on the 7S Touchscreen Display
For detailed information on Group Ride on the 7S touchscreen display, read Using Group Ride on Your 7S Display

Using Group Ride on the 7-Inch Touchscreen Display

1. Push the map button below the display.

2. Tap the pin icon at the bottom of your display.


Group Ride

4. If this is your first time using Group Ride, a “Setup Group Ride” page may display.

Setup Group Ride

  • If you are using phone tethering, select the option on the left. Refer to the instructions above on how to tether your phone.
  • If you are using V2V, select the option on the right. On the next screen, toggle “Antenna Installed” to YES.

Antenna Installed

5. Navigate back to the “Group Ride” screen.

6. Groups within range will be listed on your screen. Tap JOIN if you wish to join one.

Join Group

7. To create a new group, first tap NEW GROUP. On the next screen, you can enter a name for your group.

New Group

  • To make a public group, make sure “Password Required” is toggled OFF. Tap CREATE GROUP.
  • To make a private group, toggle “Password Required” ON. Create a four-digit passcode and tap SAVE. Tap CREATE GROUP.


Create Group

8. Group members will appear on the map. To follow a specific member, tap on their icon and then the FOLLOW button.

You can be part of multiple groups, but you can share your location with only one group at a time. You can manage your groups on the “Group Ride” screen. Next to each group is a toggle for sharing location. There is also a LEAVE button if you wish to exit a group.

Group Ride screen

You can personalize how you appear to group members by tapping PROFILE to the left of the “New Group” button. The “Profile” screen allows you to enter your name and phone number, as well as choose what color your icon is.

Seeing Your Group Members
Cellular group members can see both cell and V2V members if one member has both V2V and a Bluetooth® tether.

V2V group members can only see other V2V members.

Cell only groups cannot see a V2V group member if nobody has an active phone tether and a V2V connection.

Group Ride on the Web
You can manage your Group Ride on the RIDE COMMAND website.

1. Log in to your RIDE COMMAND account or create a new one. 

2. Navigate to the RIDES/PLACES tab at the top of the screen. Select GROUPS from the left-side menu bar. 

rides and places screen

3. Create a group by clicking on the CREATE GROUP button in the upper right corner of the screen. Groups can be public or private. A private group requires a passcode.

create group

4. Clicking on a group will open a summary page on which the group can be followed live on the map. Riders are listed on the right side of the page. Share the group with others by pressing SHARE in the upper right corner. Pressing VIEW ON MAP will open the Group Ride on the larger map page. 

4. When viewing the group on the map page, you can scroll, zoom, click on points of interest and watch the group.

5. Pressing ZOOM TO GROUP will bring you back to the group view.

6. Click on a rider to view that rider's tracks.

More Group Ride and RIDE COMMAND information can be found in the 7-Button Display User's Guide.

To learn more about Group Ride, listen to the Come on and Take a Group Ride episode of the Polaris Podcast.
For more information, maintenance tips and procedures, consult your Owner's Manual.
To find a Polaris Dealer near you, use the Dealer Locator.
For more information, visit the RIDE COMMAND website.

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