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Installing a Winch with Rapid Rope Recovery on a RZR Turbo S

The Polaris PRO HD 4,500-Pound Winch with Rapid Rope Recovery is part number 2883828. Read the installation instructions completely before installing.

Installing a Polaris PRO HD Winch with Rapid Rope Recovery on a Polaris RZR XP Turbo S includes the following steps:

  • Preparation (0:35)
  • Removal of the driver's seat (0:40)
  • Disconnecting the battery (0:50)
  • Removal of the hood and front grille assembly (1:30)
  • Removal of the winch cover (1:50)
  • Removal of the tow hook (2:12)
  • Installation of the winch backer plate (3:30)
  • Installation of the winch assembly (5:08)
  • Preparing the winch contactor (9:00)
  • Installation of the winch contactor (10:40)
  • Routing cables (11:10)
  • Installation of the wireless receiver (14:50)
  • Routing terminals (15:50)
  • Reinstallation of the front grille and hood (17:17)
  • Reconnecting the battery (17:55)
  • Reinstallation of the driver's seat (18:48)
  • Mounting the wireless remote (19:02)
  • Operating the wireless remote and winch (19:42)

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