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GENERAL Premium Front Door Installation

Required Tools and Supplies

  • Ratchet
  • 8mm Allen Key
  • T10 TORX® Socket
  • T40 TORX® Socket
  • 6mm Socket
  • 12mm Socket
  • 19mm Socket
  • 19mm Wrench
  • Torque Wrench
  • Multi-Function Pliers
  • Pry Tool
  • Safety Glasses
  • Nitrile Gloves

For more information on tools, read Tools and Fasteners Guide

Always wear safety glasses and nitrile gloves when servicing your Polaris GENERAL. To install the Premium Full Door with Hinged Window (part number 2889809) on your GENERAL 1000, 4 1000, XP 1000 or XP 4 1000, follow these steps.

In this video, we will cover the installation process of the premium front doors on your Polaris GENERAL.

1. Begin by placing the vehicle in park on a flat, level surface. 

2. Turn the key to the off position, and remove it from the vehicle. 

3. Remove the front seat by first pushing and tilting the steering wheel up.

4. Lift up and forward on the seat while lifting up on the latch lever to finish removing the seat. 

5. Repeat this process for the passenger side seat. 

6. With the driver’s side door open, remove the two hinge access covers with a 13mm socket. The covers will not be reused with the new doors. 

7. After this, remove the two screws and double washers from each door-side hinge. Be sure to retain the screws and washers. Tip: Have one person hold and support the door, and a second person remove the hardware.

8. Slide the door assembly off the hinges. 

9. Remove the two supporting screws and the striker plate with a T40 TORX® socket. The screws and striker plate will not be reused with the new door. 

10. Repeat this process for the passenger door. 

11. To replace the hinge bushings, start by removing the bolt, nut and door side hinge with a 13mm wrench and 13mm socket. Be sure to retain all bolts, nuts and hinges. 

12. Remove the upper and lower hinge pin bushings from all vehicle-side hinges. 

13. Insert the new bushings from top down into all vehicle-side hinges. 

14. To install the new doors, start by installing the door-side hinge to the left side door using the two screws and double washers. Hand-tighten the screws, but do not torque them yet. 

15. Position the new door and align its hinge pin holes with the vehicle's hinge pin holes. Tip: Have one person hold and support the door, and a second person install the hardware. 

16. Install the upper hinge bolt (or pin) from the top down and the lower hinge bolt (or pin) from the bottom up. 

17. If bolts are used, secure each with a retained lock nut, then torque to 53 inch-lbs (6 Nm) with a 13mm wrench and 13mm socket.

18. If pins are used, secure each pin with a retained clip. 

19. With both the upper and lower front hinge screws loose, push the door inwards and adjust the door to ensure adequate clearance from the front A-pillar body plastics, while maintaining contact with the vehicle chassis and door perimeter seal.

20. While holding the door in place, torque the hinge screws to 27 ft-lbs (37 Nm). Tip: Have one person hold and support the door in place, and a second person tighten the door hinges. Note: If being installed on a GENERAL crew, the rear section of the front door will have a gap until the B-Pillar kit from the rear door kit is installed.

21. Install the new striker bracket using the two screws and washers with a 6mm socket. Be sure to not fully tighten the screws at this time. 

22. Loosely install the striker pin and conical spring washer. Note: Make sure the cupped side of the washer is facing toward the striker bracket. 

23. Shut the door and adjust the height and depth of the striker hardware accordingly to achieve the desired seal compression and door fairing. 

24. Ensure the door fully latches. You will hear a double click when the door is properly closed.

25. Torque the striker bracket screws to 80 in-lbs (9 Nm) and striker pin to 30 ft-lbs (41 Nm) with a 19mm wrench and 19mm socket.

26. Install the two new hinge access covers to the new door. 

27. To install the A-pillar trim, start by removing the upper push-pin rivet on the driver’s side with a pry tool.

28. Assemble the A-pillar trim using a T10 TORX®. Be sure to not overtighten the screws. Install the A-pillar trim with an 8mm Allen key.

29. Repeat this install procedure on the right side door. 

30. To reinstall the front seat, place the front tabs of the driver’s seat into the mounting bracket and press down to latch the seat into place. 

31. Finally, repeat these steps for the passenger side. 

If you have a GENERAL crew, reference GENERAL Premium Crew Door Installation to install the rear door.

For more information, see your authorized Polaris Dealer. Find a dealer near you with the Dealer Locator
Maintenance tips, procedures and specifications can be found in your Owner's Manual.
To find diagrams and replacement part numbers, use the online parts catalog.

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