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Uncompromising Versatility and Transportability

MRZR Delivers World-Class Off-Road Mobility Enabling Access to Hard-To-Reach Places Quickly and Efficiently.

rear box tie-down points on the mrzr diesel tactical vehicle

Mission Ready

500 lb rear box capacity with plenty of tie-down points and a quick rail system so you can be ready for any mission at any time.

molle roof on the mrzr diesel tactical vehicle

Molle Roof

Accessorize with a molle roof when needing extra cover or protection from the elements.

longitudinally placed litters on the mrzr diesel tactical vehicle

Litter Capacity

1-2 longitudinally placed litter(s) with optional mounts.

ir light accessory for the mrzr diesel tactical vehicle

IR Light

Blackout drive and standard IR light for night time operations.

mrzr diesel tactical vehicle being loaded into a air-craft for transport

Internal Air Transport

Certified for internal air transport in a V-22, H-53, and H-47 with air-craft tie-down points connected to the frame.

foldable roll cage on the mrzr diesel tactical vehicle

Foldable Roll Cage

Extra transportability provided by a tool-less folding roll cage.

Reliable and Refined Performance

MRZR Has Been Continuously Fine-Tuned With Features That Are More Durable For Any Mission.

mrzr diesel tactical vehicle towing a heavy trailer

Towing and Load Capacity

Tow up to 1,500 lb of payload over challenging terrain.

mrzr diesel tactical vehicle cruising on a dusty trail

Long Range

Turbo diesel engine with 80% more range than gas.

mrzr diesel tactical vehicle taking a rocky trail with unmatched agility


Maintain control and confidence with Polaris' True On-Demand All-Wheel Drive system and Electronic Power Steering..

full underbody skid plate and durable front bumper on the mrzr diesel tactical vehicle

Premier Protection

Full underbody skid plate and front bumper for durability in harsh terrain.