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Pro XD Full-Size FAQs

What is the Polaris Pro XD?  
The Polaris Pro XD is a vehicle designed to withstand the tough duty cycles and usage on the jobsite. Focused on key industry needs, Polaris delivers a work vehicle specifically designed for safety, durability and serviceability. 

How can I purchase a Pro XD vehicle?  
Pro XD is available through select  dealers across North America, as well as government purchasing channels  (GSA and Sourcewell). For more information, read How to Purchase a Polaris Commercial Vehicle.  

How does Pro XD compare to other heavy duty utility vehicles?  
The Pro XD has a greater focus on jobsite safety, durability and serviceability expectations than other utility vehicles. 

What Pro XD models are available?  
The 2000D model is a two-passenger diesel model available in either two-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. The 4000D is a four-passenger diesel model available in all-wheel drive. The 2000G model is a two-passenger gas model available in all-wheel drive. The 4000G is a four-passenger gas model available in all-wheel drive. 

What power options are available?  
Choose between the industry preferred Kubota® Tier 4 diesel or the Polaris ProStar gas engines. 

How fast does the Pro XD go?  
Pro XD diesel models are delivered with a top speed of 26 mph (41 km/h) for jobsite compliance and can be limited down to 15 mph (24 km/h). Gas models can be adjusted for a top speed of up to 40 mph (64 km/h). 

Are accessories for Pro XD available?  
Over 40 work accessories are available, including windshields, doors, lighting and bed accessories. For a detailed list of available accessories, visit our Pro XD Accessories page

What is the factory warranty?  
The factory warranty for Pro XD is two years. Extended Service Contracts are available to further extend coverage for up to five years. 

What is the engine service interval?  
The initial engine service interval is 50 hours for diesel and 25 hours for gas. Once break-in is complete, the diesel engine is certified at 200 hours and the gas engine is certified at 100 hours. 

How do I get my Pro XD serviced? 
All Pro XD Dealers are professionally trained to service your vehicle. Some dealers offer on-site service. Check with your authorized local Pro XD Dealer  to find a service plan that fits your needs. 

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