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Aspen (CO) Fire Department


In early 2019, Aspen Fire Department purchased a RANGER CREW XP 1000 complete with a full climate-controlled cab including the option of Prospector Tracks in the snowy months. The RANGER gives the Aspen Fire Department the ability to provide more comprehensive services to some of the remote sections of their coverage area that are all but impossible to reach with a wheeled vehicle.


Shortly after taking delivery, the department used their new tracked vehicle to respond to a call about a gas leak from a ski-in-only restaurant, which is past the point where snow plowing stops in the area. The fire fighters would not have been able to get there without their new RANGER. In fact, the same restaurant was previously destroyed by an explosion and fire 15 years ago. The new owners were very happy that the department was able to get out to them with their new machine, preventing a similar devastation.


Aspen Fire Department's new RANGER will be fitted with rugged off-road tires to make back country access easier during the summer. The department intends to use it to access and check on reports of unattended campfires and lightning strikes. This allows them to respond more quickly and get to a wildfire while it is still manageable and easy to control.


In early 2019, the Aspen Fire Department was one of a number of departments in their region to receive a grant from the Roaring Fork Conservancy as thanks for all their hard work protecting the Roaring Fork Valley during the wildfires of 2018. The Aspen Fire Department used its grant to help purchase their RANGER in hopes that it will allow them to extend their reach into the more remote areas of the mountains around the city.


After receiving another unsolicited donation from a local foundation as well as a donation from a retired fire fighter, the department was able to equip the RANGER with the proper fire and rescue equipment. They were also purchased a high-quality thermal imaging camera, which they mounted on the vehicle to help find people in the dark and during fires.


For more on the Roaring Fork Conservancy's donation to fire departments in the area, see this article from the Aspen Times:

Aspen Fire Department Ranger with tracks
Aspen Fire Department Polaris Ranger
Aspen Fire Department Polaris Ranger with tracks