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Installing Winch Auto Stop

The following video demonstrates how to upgrade the winch on your Polaris ATV with the Auto Stop Kit. The video includes removing the winch hook, fairlead and front cover (0:47); installing the new fairlead (1:11); connecting the harness (1:38); installing the lower front plastic cover and winch hook (2:40); making power and ground connections (3:28) and checking operation (5:28).

To install the kit, you will need a 13mm socket and ratchet, 8mm Allen wrench, pliers and a T25 TORX® driver. Note that to use the Auto Stop Kit, you must install a synthetic rope in place of the steel cable. 

The Auto Stop Kit is part number 2881693. Read the installation instructions completely before beginning installation.

If your vehicle is equipped with the Auto Stop Kit, it contains an aluminum Hawse-type fairlead, a rubber bump stop that contains magnets and a wire harness with a control box. When the rubber bump stop is brought close to the fairlead, sensors inside the fairlead tell the control box to turn the winch off. The winch will continue to let rope out, but the rope will not pull in any further. 

For proper winch operation, maintenance and safety tips, consult your Owner's Manual.

Click on a link below to access step-by-step winch installation instructions and videos. 

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